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Welcome to Dubbas by Desiclik.com!

Find the most versatile & unique Insert Pans for any type of pressure cookers  like Instant Pot and other similar brands for PIP cooking.


Indulge in Cooking with your favorite Pressure Cooker – the Instant Pot with this versatile design Insert Pans that come with Plates & Folding Multipurpose Trivet.

The Dubbas by Desiclik.com is designed to Cook. Serve. Store. Reheat.


My wife loves her Instant Pot!  She got it a few years ago, and I wasn’t very happy because it took up so much space on our small kitchen countertop.  But she cooks a lot, and this gadget made things easier for her.

And then she started buying insert pans for her beloved IP, so that she could cook multiple things at the same time.  Our cabinets started filling up with multiple sets of these pans which stacked one top of the other and took up a lot of space.  Soon, I had no space to store my coffee pods!

Around the same time, people started buying ‘dhokla trays’ from our website to use in their IPs.   (And another spot in our kitchen cabinet was claimed! ).  As we packed the dhokla-trays-turned-IP-inserts in big boxes we kept thinking about the space they would occupy in our customers’ kitchens.  There had to be a better way.

If these inserts could nest for shipping and storage, we would save our customers on storage space and shipping costs ( and I could, hopefully, reclaim my coffee-pod space)!  So, my wife and I started brainstorming to come up with a space-saving design that would also provide some value addition.  Several arguments, a couple of unusable inserts and a year and a half later, “Dubbas”, in its current avatar, was born!

Space saving?  Check!  Every piece of these insert pans either nests or folds  for shipping and storage!  And for cooking, all you have to do is unfold and stack.

Value-addition?  Check!  It comes with a folding trivet that can be used with other bowls too.  Customers no longer need to purchase a multitude of trivets.  Also included are 2 lids, which do double duty as eating plates, and a steaming plate.

The construction is very durable, and will last for years.


How to buy?

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“Dubbas” is the brainchild of Desiclik.com.

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